About-UsMedia Mails is an advertising company located in Vancouver, Canada. We are focused on the development and production of mass media based on social networks to create public relations, online sales, promotion and mass exposure to reach a greater maximum targeted audience than any other media or method.

Our main focus is to identify, locate, gather and group a large number of members of different social networks in a focused manner in order to create a more pleasant and interesting environment with relevant content that is better tailored to their interests.

We aim to help create the best chance of reaching effective target audiences that can help deliver economic growth in a shorter and more effective time than any other method or media. We invest most of our time in the development and identification of massively diverse potential customers that are then grouped into one solid cluster in a focused and efficient manner for the benefit of the various advertisers.

As a result of the fact that our media is based on social networks, we are working to improve it every day in order to lead millions of active users throughout the day to aid in expanding marketing messages in order to reach the relevant audience.